How Farmers Hatched Eggs Back in the Old Country

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    Hi Everyone,

    I was talking with my mom one day and she was explaining to me how some farmers around her, when she was young and living in Croatia, would hatch some of their chicken eggs. Apparently they would set it in a pile of horse manure and make sure the eggs were nicely nestled in it. Which actually makes sense as horse manure does give off an immense amount of heat for a long period of time.

    However, I wonder what the chicks thought when they got out of their shells...what the muck?!!!! [​IMG]

    Just thought I would share what it was like back in the day of no incubators...we are all so lucky!

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    my great grand ma told me that back in the day they used chickens go figure [​IMG]
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    This post made me think of Australian Brush Turkeys. They lay their eggs in communal compost heaps. The males turn the heaps and add or take away material to keep them at the right temperature.

    Interestingly, like some turtles and other reptiles, the sex of the chicks is determined by the temperature (males when cooler, females when warmer). If only someone could breed this trait into chickens or other domestic poultry... No one would ever have to go through the heartbreak of having to rehome a beloved, mis-sexed rooster, and we would no longer have to worry about commercial operations cruelly "disposing" of males in the name of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
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    No wonder all I get are Female Black Copper Marans LOL
    Our bator always hits a weird temperature fluctuations by hitting 106 degrees!!
    We've hatched out 100+ and have only had ONE single MAYBE cockeral show up... Crazy!!!
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    Quote:[​IMG] Can't be. That's why I only hatch out Male Black Copper Marans! Cause of those darm temp spikes!

    wanna share?
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    THAT'S CRAZY!!!! :)
  9. That's really interesting because this lady I know told me that her friend had hens that laid their eggs in the manure heap... After a few weeks she'd have a whole bunch of unexplained chicks running around! [​IMG]
    Frankly I didn't believe her, because she tells me lots of crazy stuff (most of which I don't believe). I don't see how it's possible, for a little chick to be born in a pile of poo [​IMG]
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    my spouse used disposible hand warmers and a wheelbarrow of poop to unfreeze a drain pipe. work after a few hours:idunno

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