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    Jul 8, 2010
    The chicks are going outside next weekend (finally). They will be 8 weeks old at that time. The chicken house is ready for them (except for nesting boxes).

    How high should the roosts be in the chick house at 8 weeks old. Same as adult or a bit lower?

    Later we will be putting in 4 nest boxes (with in a couple weeks after chicks go out) and I know those are to be lower than the roosts. And slanted tops so the birds don't set on top of the nest boxes. I have seen people have open nest boxes, and that is what we had when I was a kid. Are those still ok, or do they have to be closed in with a top? By open nest box, I am talking: sides, of course bottom, a small board across the front so the nest material nor eggs get drug out, just no roof on the boxes.

    I have 10 pullets and one roo.
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    we build our roosts using the deck lumber at home depo they have pieces that are notched to hold the uprights on the railings ( PROVIDES EXTRA SUPPORT FOR THE FATTIES). we use those and skip two in between each . that way they have a variety of choices. It costs about $12 my silkies sleep in a pile on the ground, the LF cochin on the bottom rung, the layers in the middle and the game hen as high as she can get. for nesting A 12X12 box is good but mine still fight over who gets to use the 5 gallon bucket on its side. one will only lay in a bucket calf feeder on the wall.
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    Your birds are too young to roost - they will naturally start sleeping on the roost as they get older - but for now they will sleep in a pile on the floor no matter the roost hight.

    If it were me I'd set up the coop for adult birds & not worry too much about them at this ages as they probably wont use it.

    That said - most people set 2 heights for the perch - the first at 18 inches to 2 ft off the ground the second at 3ft high. Adult birds will go as high as they can. They will hop onto the lower one & then jump to the higher one.

    Hope this helps.

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