How high to hang the feeder?

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  1. Our chicks will be four weeks old July 14, and I think it's time to start using the big feeder and waterer. We have a Playhouse Coop so I'll hang them under the coop - my question is - how high should they be?

    We only have three chicks, so the feeder is the white plastic 11 lb size, and the water is the 2 gallon galvanized can size.

    I was planning to hang them from chains.

    thanks! [​IMG]

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    I use chains and 'S' hooks or spring clips (either carabiners or ones like on a dog's leash) to hang mine. I use a lightweight chain like a dog tie out chain. that makes it easy to raise and lower the feeder/waterer as needed.

    Keep them approx crop high, and raise them up as the chicks grow.

    I LOVE having them hung - makes for much less feed waste and waste in the feed!
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    Back height is the rule of thumb. Also, with the galvanized waterer, it is not recommended if you ever have to put medicine in the chicks water. Just a reminder!
  4. Quote:Good to know! I was not aware of that. We get snow so I went with one that could be heated if need be, but I'll hang onto their baby chick waterer too just in case.

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    i hang my feeders/waters at about their chest and they dont seem to have any problems with it

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