How I adapted the typical round metal feeder to work and not waste food.

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    Aug 9, 2014

    The photo is of a typical chicken feeder that we all know and love. Through another post, I learned that a 4"to 2" reducer works so I can add a larger surplus of food. Well, just so you know, Home Depot and Lowes only sells 3" abs pipe and fittings. Ok, so I got a 3" to 2" reducer ($7) and two feet of pipe ($7). I also discovered that the container to the Hidden Valley Ranch powder mix fits in the 3" side of the reducer. I like seeing how much food there is. Check Costco. Later on I can always cut off the top and add a 3" union and 3"abs pipe to make a larger reserve. I hung the whole feeder so the little darlings cannot jump on top of it.

    Then I had the problem of my 3 week old chicks throwing food everywhere and not eating it. Ugh. I thought really really hard and my Fluid Dynamics class at UC Davis came to mind. I inserted a 1" slip/slip pvc union into the metal feeder hole (see closeup). I adjusted the height of the union so it is 1/4" from the bottom of the feeder. I used two screws on the top of the union (180o apart) and above the metal feeder hole to adjust the height of the union. Then I added two screws on the bottom of the union (180o apart) below the feeder hole to make sure the union does not fall out if tipped over. Most likely it will not, but these chickens are creative and they have all day to mess with you.

    Now a reasonable amount comes out of the feeder. If the chick really wants more, it can peck at the bottom of the union. But if the food rises above the bottom of the union, there is too much food is in the way for the chick to peck for more. Problem solved. At least for now.
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    That is a very innovative use of a standard chick feeder. Looks like it works really well for you. Thanks for the photos and the nice writeup as well.


    AND [​IMG]
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