How I was woken up this morning... Lol

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    So even though it's Veteran's Day, the construction workers two houses down decided that using a jackhammer at 7am was a good idea... They need to hurry up and Finnish their building already, I'm losing my patience with them. Anyway, I am also watching my cousin Kaylon 's puppy, and he decided along with the workers that I am NOT going back sleep... He decided it was "bite Elysia's nose o'clock"... lol [​IMG] I love him though, can't be mad. He had been sick this last week and was half dead, and I helped my cousin out by keeping him for the past 5 days because my cousin doesn't have a heater at his house, which doeskin bother him, so it stays around 35F in his house. And the puppy couldn't handle the elevation change every day as Kay drove to and from work, so he just left him with me... Anyway, after much rambling, I hope everyone has a good day and more sleep than I did... Lol now my neighbor is yelling... Never ends...[​IMG]
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