How important is a professional candeler light?


10 Years
Mar 19, 2009
I am wondering if the Mag Light I have is as effective as a candeling light from a website. Will I be able to see what I need to see and make a accurate assessment of the eggs possible hatch with a standard flashlight?
Yes, you can see what you need to see with a good, strong flashlight. Sometimes it's tricky trying to candle the dark eggs, but you should do fine with the others.
I found my little mag lite flashlight to be just fine. I built one with the bulb-in-the-can plan but I thought it was too hot.
my mag lite has a little rubber boot over the head for ? don't know why, but it makes a soft surface to set against the egg.
I used to use a regular flashlight but it wasn't strong enough for the Welsummer eggs so I bought a stronger LED flashlight. It doesn't work much better because of all the light that goes through my hand making it harder to see the inside of the egg. I'm going to build a box candler after I finish four more runs and another coop.
I use a small flashlight and an inch long PVC pipe that the flashlight barely fits into. Works great. For smaller eggs I slide a smaller pipe into the big one.

I use a 15 million candle power (huge light) and I took a piece of cardboard that completely covers the lens and cut a small hole in the cardboard. I can see through all my brown eggs with no problems. hehehehehe
I use a mini mag light and candled very dark Pensedenca and Wellsummers without a problem..just make sure your batteries are good
Thank you everyone. That saves me a couple dollars that I can spend on some new Golden Campine chicks. My Barnevelder eggs are on their 7th day in the incubator and I am going to candle them tonight, keeping my fingers crossed for all spidery veins in them and new Barne's in 2 more weeks.

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