How is Sandhill Preservation Center? Post pics of stock please!


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May 10, 2010
I just learned about this place and want to know more. How is their customer service, and is their stock okay and healthy? Did you recieve extras with your order? What DID you order from them, anyways? How long did it take to ship?
I'm thinking about ordering from them next spring if they have good stock. If not, then I'll just stock up on hatching eggs from breeders.

From what I've read, they seem to have a good reputation.

If you have any stock from them, please post pictures!


Look in this link:

you want exhibition quality, Sandhill will NOT fit the bill. They are becoming like a hatchery and not enough culling being done. Been seeing alot of off colors and incorrect standards for specific breeds.

Hope this helps in making your decision. It is not all bad but you have to take it with the good and bad if there is the only breed of poultry you need to work from.
I like sandhill, I order Mille Fleur Leghorns and Excheg Leghorns from them last year, and I ordered Russian Orloff and White Houdans from them this year. I haven't got them yet the order has been pushed back. The birds I got last year are great qualty. What I like best about sandhill is they call you the day your order has been shiped. I highly recomend them.
I've ordered White Midget turkeys, Delaware and Black Jersey Giant chickens from them. I don't know if they conform to APA standards or not and do not care. I do know that they were all strong and healthy when I got them. The turkeys grew into the correct weight ranges in the usual time, are still laying and their eggs exhibit good hatchability; the Delawares all grew to a very nice size (the roosters sold very quickly) and lay well; and the Jersey Giants are the biggest I've seen from any hatchery and lay at least as well as any I've seen. For practical working birds I recommend them. The ornamental and exhibition breeds could be different.

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