how large is to large hatching egg for bator

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    Oct 13, 2007
    I read that eggs that are to large should not go in bator,
    eggs that are not shaped like and egg meaning that the pointed side isn't pointed enough
    eggs that have any form of cracks on them,
    Is this true and anything else that anyone can help me with.
    And thank you for all your help
    I am Jenny Berynn is my daughter's name. I always use her name cause no one has it.
    My temps have been perfect, humidity is great, eggs will be in the bator friday if all goes well
    the bator has been running since sunday it took me two days to play with it, is that o.k. as well. that the bator has been ruinning for that lons
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    Cracked eggs will seep and create bacteria problems in the incubator or just loose to much moisture and not hatch unless you can seal the crack with wax.

    Abnormally large eggs for the breed may be double yolkers. Next to impossible to hatch them successfully.

    Overly rounded eggs can be hard to tell which end the air sac is on for some. Thus, they often end up being put in the incubator the wrong way up. Beyond that I have never had an issue with them.

    Some incubators can be finicky. Had one here that had to run for days before it would regulate.
    Just remember when you put eggs in the temperatures will fluctuate for a few hours while the eggs come up to temperature. That is perfectly normal. Humidity may also fluctuate some what. Avoid tweaking anything during this time. Best to set eggs in the incubator and then forget about them for about 4 hours or more.
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    Eggs that are cracked, or appear very thin shelled, or have a porous appearance I find it best to disregard those as for me they do not hatch well. They are also more likely to be stink bombs in the end.

    Odd shaped shouldn't be an issue, although if you suspect an egg to be a double yolker....meaning it is abnormally larger then the others, don't bother. Twins won't survive the hatching process, there isnt' enough room in the shell for them to grow sufficiently.

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