How long are a chicken's eggs fertile?

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    I hope someone here can answer this.

    I got an EE hen last night from a lady who lives out in the country. She told me up front that she has had a rooster that has been lovin' on this hen a little too much & she is missing a lot of tail feathers. She's a really sweet bird, though, and I'm really glad we got her.

    That being said, she has been having approximately daily to twice daily mountings by said rooster. How long are a hen's eggs fertile after her last "visit" with a rooster? I mean, I'm not going to hatch them or anything, and I'm still going to snatch her eggs outta the nest and eat them regardless. This is more or less to satisfy my own curiosity about hen physiology and how long their internal eggs remain fertilized after their last mating.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Apr 15, 2009
    The eggs remain fertile for about 3 weeks.
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