How long before I start to worry?


12 Years
Mar 15, 2011
Fort Worth, Tx
I have a Buff Brahma who has recently started laying within the last couple weeks. She has been on about an every other day schedule. She layed at 8:00PM on Friday night and then again Sunday. Yesterday she spent an hour n the box with nothing and again today spent an hour with nothing. I have been watching her today and she does not seem to be walking funny, eating and drinking ok but there is someone out there that is pooping straight water. Not sure who it is.

Question is, how long do I let her go without laying before I start with the hot bath trick? Am I just freaking out?
I have no idea. I subscribed to this topic because I would like to know as well...

Why no responses???

Anyone out there?
Shes not sick, no symptoms at all. Eating and drinking fine not walking funny or anything. I just want to be out in front of it in case she is egg bound.
Your in Texas and you know how hot it has been. The heat plays a role in laying and poo. My girls will have watery poo when it is this hot. Just not all the time. That would be my guess....the heat. Just keep an eye on them. Hopefully we will be getting some relief soon.
If she's eating & pooping she's probably fine. The heat could be effecting her from laying. I add ice to all my waterers twice a day & their still laying good. I've seen mine with watery poop. Mine are drinking water like crazy right now. I've seen them throwing up water at times. Its really hot here & their trying to stay cooler. I wouldn't want to be walking around with a down jacket on in triple digit heat.
well if my coop was not air conditioned I would worry about the heat but it stays around 75-80 inside and they have 3 water stations. 1 in the coop and 2 in the run. During the hottest part of the day, they all stay inside where it is cool. I think that is why I have gotten over 50 eggs from 4 hens in 27 days (first one started laying aug 8).

I guess my question was really how long can they go without laying an egg and there be nothing wrong...
Well... if all else is normal, eating and pooping, no dragging bottom or looking stressed... there just isn't an egg inside ready to be laid so nothing is wrong. They can stop for a few week breaks, they can stop all winter for a moult. They can hit a "henopause" and stop laying almost all together when they get older. As long as they are healthy otherwise, there really isn't something to worry about if they stop laying.
Thanks for all of the replies, i am just so new to this i started to worry a little. I am hoping I get something from her today but if not, i think she is fine.

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