How long before planting an area that's had chickens ranging it?

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    Jul 28, 2014
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    I was planning for a future rotational pasture system that includes veggie gardens, chicken pasture, cover crop, and rest period. If I mulched an area that's had chickens on it all summer with leaves and waited over winter, would that be long enough for the manure to decompose into the soil completely?
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    I would like to know as well. I plan on a chicken garden, in the runs.
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    Mar 9, 2014
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    I have used the hen house bedding on my garden and as long as I stopped adding in the early fall it seemed to decompose nicely. I did till it in before shutting down for the winter. My ground was unworkable so I had no garden for one summer. I would clean out the coop and spread the poo and shavings on the garden area.
    I did it as an experiment since my ground is so very hard. It seems to have helped my soil a lot.

    Leaves are an excellent additive for the soil. You can also plant a lot of peas and then till them in before planting your veggie garden. They make more nitrogen then they use.

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