How long can an embryo live under these conditions?

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    Okay, so when I deemed my Silkie an unfit mother, I was kind of assuming it would be for 3 days at most, and then hatching. WHen this didn't happen I took a look inside the eggs. The first one was majorly [​IMG] and:hit because the chickie was probably only 5 days or so from hatching when it died. It had been dead a while. The second one, which I started from the air cell, and I'm really good at peeling eggs without breaking them, had some fresh blood and movement in it. I quickly wrapped it in saran wrap and put it back in the bator. Will it live?
  2. probably not...

    ETA: Plastic wrap is not porous and will not allow proper evaporation and exchange of oxygen.
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    the rest of the egg is open, because I had thought about that. I'm also worried, because the membrane is white and tough. Does that mean my humidity is too low? It hasn't gone any lower than 35%...although yesterday it spiked to 46% because of the weird weather.
  4. yes its dry... don't get too attached, it probably wont make it.
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    that means I probably have to spritz a little in there? It's 38% right now. Sorry, but I'm really new to hatching (broodies do it so well!) And so many people said not to let it get over 40. I'm confused.
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    What if I used a wet paper towel or something instead?
    Sorry, I forgot to thank you. THANK YOU!!
  7. When it comes to incubation and percentages/temps, it's pretty much circumstancial and relavant to your conditions. My incubator stays at one humidity level from start to finish. It RARELY gets above 55% and usually doesn't fall below 45%. They go in at that percentage, and hatch at that percentage, and try as I may, I can never change it.

    Do what you can, and hope for the best. Misting probably wouldn't be a bad idea, if its within a day or two of hatching, but if you've got more than half of the incubation period left, I'd give it up.
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    YES! Spritz & Put Wet washcloths, paper towels... whatever you've got in there!

    Give it a while and read the stickies up top about when to help, when not to help & if you do how.

    I agree with chris, don't get too attatched but don't give up![​IMG]

    [​IMG] is what you might get![​IMG]

    We have helped once (she piped and then the mama left the nest & she got DRIED out) in the past (I know a lot of people dont believe in it & thats ok too!) & now have our favorite chicken.

    Good luck & I hope everything works out.

    Humidity need to be at 45% for days 1-18 (when you stop turning) & then Up to 65% on the last three days.

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