How long can I keep eggs from collection to incubating?


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May 21, 2010
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I would like to collect some eggs for incubation/hatching. How long is the max time I can collect before setting them? I know I need to store them in a carton large end up.... is that right? And no refridgeration, right?
Seven to ten days, then fertility starts to fade. I like to keep them about 50-60F, but right now, that's not possible here! Large end up is correct.

Happy hatching!
Like ranchhand says, eggs up to a week old are supposed to be best, and fertility is supposed to start dropping off quite sharply after 10 days.

But I have had good success hatching healthy chicks from eggs that are up to 20 days old. I date each egg when I collect it so I can compare hatch rates for the fresher and the older eggs. Weirdly, I've found that I get a better hatch rate from eggs that are 10-14 days old than I do from the freshest ones. I can't figure out why...

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