How long do you keep the bandaid on a splay chick?


10 Years
Jul 25, 2009
I discovered today that one of my late hatchers from yesterday is a splay, so I've put a bandaid on and it seems to be doing fine. Now... how long do I keep it on before trying to remove it? A couple of days? Or does it need to be longer?

I think I might be spoiled *lol* I consider this a bad hatch and out of 24 eggs 20 hatched
One was tilting its head back alot yesterday but seems fine today, then there's the splay chick and a late hatch that I had to help out today. Hope it's going to be allright...

Out of the 4 dead ones 1 was a very early death, one was late, one was ready to pip and one had pipped when they died... guess they just weren't strong enough, but still sad

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