How long does a chickens egg last in hot weather?


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Jun 4, 2011
Whenever we leave for vacation I have someone feed my chickens. When I get back
I just throw the eggs away because they have been sitting out there for awhile. So how long do eggs last in hot weather??

why not have the person feeding pick up the eggs? Free eggs are a great bonus


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Dec 6, 2010
encourage her to take them, otherwise they should be fine for a while, remember when a chook is getting a clutch together they sit and wait for a while before she has got enough to sit on and hatch. You can test them by putting them in water. If they float they are bad, if they sink they should be fine. If you don't want to eat them, cook them up and feed them back to the chickens, they will love it!


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Sep 5, 2010
Salado Texas
I've eaten 8 day old eggs from the coop before, in mild weather, say, 75 to 85 degree weather here in Texas, the yolks were runnier then usual and they did have a stronger egg flavor, and 5 day old eggs out of the coop in 90 plus weather that were still fine.

I just crack them in a bowl separately before I add them to the pan or whatever if I question them.

At room temp they are good for 2 -3 weeks, but I do throw out any egg with the slightest crack in them, well, I cook them for the chooks or the dog if they are only a day or two old. At the very least, don't waste them completely, you can keep the shells to add back into your chicken feed or compost, if your worried about rotten egg, then bake the rinsed shells a bit, that is very valuable calcium to your chicks, and our heritage and home grown breeds have way thicker shells then that of the store bought variety, and therefore use up more calcium.

Extra calcium in your compost keeps your tomatoes skins from splitting as they grow, btw.
I've heard that giving my chickens or any chickens shell, that it is good for them. oK! Thank you for the
I will use this information.

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