How long does broodiness last?


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
Ok, now that I know that all the squeaking is a sign of broodiness, how long does it generally last? She has picked a bad place to nest, in our goat shed. Cannot leave her there, so I end up chasing her out each evening. Getting old fast. How long do they usually do this. None of my other ducks have been this broody. My Vanessa sometimes is broody, but not like this muscovy. Just wondering how long they do this for.
lmao Ellie picked out the goats half of the barn to make a nest too! Silly far they stay away from her
I think those poor boys (the goat kids) are scared to death of her....they make a wide, and I mean wide circle to go around her!
My goaties are grown. They don't care if she is in there or not. But I do! It is a pain. And I feel sooooo mean moving her out at night.

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