How long does diatomaceous earth take to work on lice?

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    I lost a chicken Friday. My three are usually thrilled to see me, but Friday one didn't get up. She seemed fine that morning. I went and checked and she wasn't breathing hard or panting. I picked her up and went to bring her inside and she jerked her head, straightened her legs and went limp. Gone. It was so weird.
    When looking closely at her to see what might have been the cause I saw she had lice so I checked my other two and they both have them. Saturday morning, I bought some DE, scrubbed the coop and removed the bedding. Sprinkled everything and sprinkled the chickens.
    Checked dropping and one looked like it could be bloody so I'm treating with Corid as a precaution.
    Went out and checked today and the lice almost seem worse!

    I know I need to re-treat in a week but it should have killed the existing ones, right? Or does it take a day or two to work?
    Do I need to treat them more heavily? Will it hurt to sprinkle them daily until the lice are gone? Is there a faster way?
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    DE is hyped. Get some sevin dust and dust your birds, avoid the eyes and nostrils, repeat dusting them in 7-10 days. Dust inside your coop, nests as well. Repeat again in 7-10 days.
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    May 8, 2012
    Venice, Florida
    What about Adams spray? I have some because I have used it on my dog.
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