How long does it take for eggs to be fertile


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Nov 20, 2008
Astatula Florida
How long does it take for eggs to be fertile. My turkey been mating for few weeks and eggs at beginning are not I was just wondering do chickens/turkeys have to mate a month for them to be fertile..seem like heard some like that once may be wrong..???
You might have had better luck with this if you had put it in the turkey forum. Are you sure you have a breed that is able to mate naturally? I don't know much at all about turkeys. You can use the "report" button in your post to get a Mod to move it.
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It only takes a few days if the tom is old enough and fertile. the "month" thing is that they can stay fertile up to a month after a successful mating. If he is young, it may take him a few tried to get it right. My hens eggs were fertile from the first one, But they had been together since last year.
MY hen eggs were fertile from the start too, and the tom turkey he mates all the time just don't know if he gets it right. I may have this blog moved to turkeys. thanks..

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