how long does it take in jail to lower her top pecking ranking

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    I have a feather pecker that is in chicken jail right now. She started pecking feathers (eating a few). Some chickens butts are bare and she's the only one doing it. While I know that it can be a protein problem (which I'm taking care of) I also want to address the fact that she may be a bully. She's the top chicken and I've heard that you can separate them and that will lower their pecking status. I tried this for about 4 hours this morning, and when I put her back with the others, she went right back to pecking their feathers. So I separated her again. I have a little coop next to the run where they can see her, and I intend to put her in a dog crate at night in the coop if I have too.

    How long do you think I should keep her separated?

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    A week or better, two.
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    Quote:That's what it took me too.


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