How long egg fertile?

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  1. I need some info re if I should try to incubate or let mama hatch. My Cochin is clucking & fluffing all out at other hens during the day like she is going broody. She now has 7 eggs in the nest. She is sitting on them at night but during the day she is out free ranging, not setting yet. She started laying these, the first one probably 2 wks. ago, last one yesterday. How long will these be viable for hatching? With her setting on them during the night has this screwed up the development of them as she hasn't gone into a full set of all day & night yet. Should I pull them and have my friend with an incubator try them as I'm not sure how long they can last bef. she starts setting constantly. I prefer her to hatch them if poss. but don't want to lose the window of opportunity if she won't set. Any suggestions? Thanks - Sharon
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    She won't sit until she has a full set.

    Once she brings them up to temp she wants them all to hatch together.

    Egg viability varies, but a broody gets generally better results than an incubator.
  3. Thanks - This is her second time to set. Her first, last Sept., she started setting when she only had four eggs so I was worried that now she's up to seven and still not setting full time. Also, she didn't sit on them at all except to lay ea. egg last time and I was worried that setting on them all night long then not during the day would screw them up to ever develop. I would definitely prefer her to raise them! ha Sharon
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    my salmon faverolle was setting on one egg... laid one the next day and i added two. so there she sets on four eggs.

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