How long on starter feed?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Islandmom511, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Jul 8, 2011
    My 2 pekins that I hatched are doing GREAT! They are 1 week old today and growing sooooo fast! I have them on unmedicated starter feed. My question, when do I switch their food? Also, when can I start feeding them fresh fruits? And when i do, do I need to cut it up? Thanks so much guys!
    p.s. ducks poop SOOOOOOOO much!!!
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    Jul 18, 2011
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    When they are little its more important to have them eat their food b/c of the protein and such. They might not like fruit when little, at 3 weeks old i tried a VERY SMALL piece of peach (pealed), from our tree & they didn't care for it at all. They did like a little serving of FINELY Chopped lettace at 3 weeks old. you don't want them to like other foods to where they won't eat the chick start. Also fruit (for any age) has a lot of sugar in it so its fine for a treat. Read the link posted in the above post... it is very helpful. Good luck, ~Julie~
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    Per Dave Holderread's book.... I cut up dandelion greens very small like 1/8 inch (with scissors) at least three times a day and floated them in their water. Very healthy addition and fun to watch! Pretty much gave them more than I thought they would eat in a half hour and they ate them up in minutes! LOL! I still pick lots of dandelions for them and add some other chopped greens when I run low. But I agree with above post - that their starter food crumbles is foremost. And I would start with greens first. :)
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    Quote:It will depend on what feed you are switching them to. If you are going to feed a grower/developer I think its around 6 weeks that you can switch (slowly). You can check the bag or brand website for age. Some people keep them on starter until first egg. I think thats too much protein. My adults went starter to grower to Naturewise All Flock but I don't remember the exact age. I will be switching my runners when they are 7 weeks to Naturewise All Flock, its 18% protein pellet. They waste SO much crumble its ridiculous and the water gets so nasty so quick. 2 weeks and counting.

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