how long til my hens forget?

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    I moved my flock of 8 RIR's 4 weeks ago to a new coop and run on the back half of my property. Their old coop was starting to deteriorate, plus I wanted them to be farther away from my house as they were in the habit of eating the cat food, plus pooping all over the deck. I kept them locked up in a (spacious) run connected to their new coop 4 weeks ago thinking that this would be long enough to get them used to being in their new place. I let them out last Sunday afternoon. I had to show them the way out of the run and for an hour or so they were fine staying in the back field. However, it wasn't long before most of them ended up back by my kitchen door, their favorite hang out! Then, when it was time to roost, 5 of the 8 ended going right back to their old coop. Although their run is very spacious, I would much prefer them to be to free ranging. So how long do I have to keep them cooped up in their run before they'll forget their old habits?
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    Quote:well, I'll start by locking the old coop up so that they don't have access to it when they go to bed, an they will have to go back to their new coop.

    about that cat food............... I had the same problem and honestly i had to move the cat food to a different place and they found it too [​IMG] chickens are smart.

    well now the cat food gets locked up in a little old rabbit hutch with just a little hole so that the cats can jump up there and go in tru the hole

    it's going to be hard since chickens love cat food.

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