How long til she lays a full sized egg?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by nakstk, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. nakstk

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    Sep 19, 2011
    Kalama, Washington
    One of my Speckled Sussex pullets started laying on the 16th. Well, I think its only one, there might be a second one laying (I have only seen Tess in the nesting box no one else.) but we have gotten 1 egg a day since the 16th. They eggs are still so small how long til they start laying full sized eggs? Or is this the size eggs SS lay? They will be 23 weeks old tomorrow.

    Here is a pic of the egg I got today.
    and all 6 eggs they are in a large egg carton.
  2. Fred's Hens

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    All pullets begin with small eggs. This is nature's way. They grow larger with time as the hen's "equipment" grows more mature.

    That said, our Speckled Sussex never did lay an egg larger than a big medium. Never a jumbo or even an extra-Large. Still, the birds are gorgeous, wonderful foragers, occasionally broody and just nice to have around.

  3. snazzyboots

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    Mar 3, 2011
    That looks about the size that our speckled Sussex pullet lays. She just started about a week ago
  4. debid

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    Yep, they lay a relatively small egg for the size of the bird. My SS girl has been laying for several weeks and there is some increase in size but not much. And her eggs have that very pointy-ended teardrop shape as well. I think what you're seeing is typical.

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