how long till a hen lays all her eggs

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  1. s.cha

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    Feb 8, 2009
    i have a cornish hen and i was wondering how long does it take for a hen to lay all her eggs???..she already laid one egg i'm guessing yesterday morning..and none today...i am new at if any one can answer my question i would really appreciate it...thanks

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    are you talking about a clutch? like how long til she sits on them?

    or in general? like how often?

    please give us more info, so we can answer correctly [​IMG]
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  3. s.cha

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    Feb 8, 2009
    like the clutch...cause i know when the hen lays all her eggs then she will start to sit on them but i was wondering how many days does it usually take until the hen finishes laying??/
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    Unfortunately there is not correlation between how many eggs she puts in the nest and when she starts sitting on them to hatch. It is likely that your hen will never sit on eggs. The inclinaition to "go broody' is hormonal and brought on by one of nature's triggers. Many breeds have had "broodiness" bred out of them and will not brood ever in their life time.

    I am not sure about your cornish, but I beleive that breed is quite unlikely to brood.

    I have about 20 different hens at the moment all of which are nearly 14 months old and not one of them has decided to sit on a nest. Most of my breeds are not known for their instinct to do that but sometimes they will surprise you.

    Good luck

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