How long to give probiotics after antibiotics?

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    I was wondering how long I should continue to mix probiotic powder with my girls' treats. They were on antibiotics for a week for mycoplasma, and the course ended last Tuesday, so I have been giving them daily probiotics for 10 days now.

    Is that enough for me to start to drop them off a little? Maybe drop them down to a couple of days a week? (I also continue to give them poultry vitamins, soluble garlic and soluble calcium in their water every day, and some organic unfiltered ACV and grapefruit seed oil a couple of times a week.)

    Thanks guys! [​IMG]
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    I'd be willing to bet that 10 days is sufficient.

    You can give them plain yogurt any time as a booster, and they'll love it, too!
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    Thanks JennsPeeps - I was hoping someone would say that.

    Quote:I've tried and failed - the BO is incredibly fussy with food and will only eat very plain, dry foodstuffs. She hates the feeling of stickiness on her beak! She won't touch greens or scrambled egg, and anything remotely sticky gets tried once and distainfully refused. (She does persevere with cherry tomatoes and plums, but only because she really really likes the taste!). Layers pellets go down a storm with her, as do mixed grains and corn, and the odd earthworm, but beyond that she's really not very adventurous.

    The bluebelle on the other hand will eat absolutely anything I put under her beak! [​IMG]

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