How long to keep auto Turner off on shipped eggs?


Jun 19, 2017
I have 38 shipped eggs in my Genesis incubator. First time doing This! I let them sit for 12-24 hours. I candled some before setting most had detached air cells but were at the big end of the egg. They are in an auto Turner end down no2 in the gator since yesterday (Friday moring at 8am) from everything I have read they say leave the Turner off for the first 2-3 days? Would this be correct or should I turn it on? I have been running exactly 99.8-100 degrees and 45-50% humidity.
Instructions and all places said to keep humidity 45% or so? I am using a hygrometer to make sure it' correct.
Are they chicken or duck eggs? Try 35% for chicken eggs. Not sure for duck. Often the instructions can be wrong with minor things. (Mine told me 102 for temp)

Also when it’s time for lockdown lay them on their side not up in a carton. You will likely have malpositions.

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