How long to persevere with sick baby chick

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by leeannwalker, Oct 13, 2015.

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    Hi, this is the poor little one (2 weeks old) who was kicked in the head by a scratching chicken. She has another wound on the other side of her head. (Most of the colour is iodine, there is no bleeding). She was hurt Sunday afternoon, it is now Tuesday evening. While she is a little better, I am keeping her alive on yoghurt, egg yolk and water with vitamins added, fed with a spoon. She is living in the bathroom under the heat lamp.

    She will stand ( not for long) and cheep but she will not eat at all and only drink when I spoon feed it to her. I have grown very fond of her and am happy to keep trying but is she suffering and should we put her out of her misery? If she goes on like this she will starve.

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    My suggestion would be to either bring the mother and other chicks in to the warmth be with her or put her back out with them in a very small restricted area and supervise to see if she picks up. Stress and depression will make her system shut down. Having in pal in sick bay has made a huge difference to sick young chickens that I have nursed. Seeing another chicken eat is encouragement for them. Or maybe get a few young chicks from the feed store to keep her company. I suggest 2 or3 because if she dies, one on it's own will have problems integrating
    As you are aware it will not survive much longer without food so you need to make a decision quite soon before she gets too weak

    Good luck with her.

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    Thank you for your reply. We have discussed doing what you suggested. I guess I am worried Mum has forgotten her and may hurt her. She has just had some yogurt and crushed egg and is settling down for the night. I will take her out with the other chicks and Mama in the morning and watch and see how she goes. Maybe she is thinking why bother eating when someone is feeding me.

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