How long to withhold food?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by crazypetlady, Nov 7, 2011.

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    How long do you withhold food from cornish x meaties before you process them. For some reason I am thinking 24 hours but that sound wrong now I am wondering if it is just over night.

    Help please I don't want to remove their food too soon.

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    The purpose is to have less mess and leakage during processing. Over night is all I do. It is all that Gramma did back in the day. It really doesnt matter all that much.

    good luck.
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    It also helps to have them caged or more closely confined so they're not stressed by having to be chased around to be caught right before they Cross The Road. I wait until nightfall so I can easily pick them up and put them in crates or cages. The crates are set on dirt, not grass, so they don't fill their crops with gooey greenstuff. THEY MUST STILL HAVE WATER, but NO feed. I do this the night before I process, so they are without food for about 12-18 hours.
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    Thank you I feel better now. I knew 24 hours seemed sort of long and cruel. My meaties thank you!!

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