How long will a hen stay broody

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    If she doesn't hatch eggs, or if she doesn't have any.

    Do they have an internal clock that tells them to give up.
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    It depends on the hen... I had one who sat 6 weeks to get a chick. Emaciated at the end, she may have sat for another month or two before giving up... Others may give up in a month or so.
  3. I have 2 broodies going at present, however I have now put them in chicken jail to psyche them out of it.
    Its no good for their health to let them go, they just get weak. Chickens have died on the nest from broodiness due to the extra long period of sitting. If they hatch chicks they are off in 22 days to feed and water, however if they are on a nonviable egg or no egg, they can sit there forever it seems. I dont think they know the difference!
    Best to snap her out of it and get healthy for winter.
    Lock her up in a cage or small run without any dark areas or hay and give her high protein feed, peas, dogfood etc and get her back up to strength.
    Good luck
  4. I have about 4 broodies right now. I really don't have a place to put them, I have considered putting some eggs under them just to see if they will hatch them.
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    Quote:I'm in New Zealand, so were entering summer.....ahhh 24degC.

    Eggs now under Daisy...Day 1 today. (Set eggs yesterday afternoon)
  6. Sorry bout that Edster, by default I assumed you were in sunny USA!!!
    I want to go to NZ, looks like a beautiful place.
    Good luck with it! shell be a great mum
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