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    How long do we need to put the marbles/pebbles in the water dish to keep the chicks from drowning themselves? Does elevating the waterer make a difference in how long the pebbles need to stay in, or are they just as likely to drown in an elevated waterer as one that is flat on the floor of the brooder?

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    If the chicks are big enough that they could reach an elevated waterer, then you probably don't need the pebbles anymore.

    I have personally never used the pebbles for any age.
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    Jul 26, 2009
    I've never done this with chickens, ducks, turkeys, but I do it with quail for the first 2 weeks. With chicks, I'd say a week. It depends on what kind of water dish you use -- an open bowl would be a lot more likely to cause a tragedy than one of the commercially made waterers that hold a one quart mason jar, due to the respective shapes and volumes of those containers.
  4. I was at Tractor Supply the other day and bought a new kind of waterer for chicks...
    They carry the red and white plastic ones and have a new red bottom for a chick waterer.
    Instead of the circle holding water that is big enough for a chick to climb in they have one the circle only has a circle with the water area about 3/4ths of an inch wide. It uses the same white plastic quart top as the bigger circle one.
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    Quote:That's the one I'm getting. The label on it says 'quail waterer'.

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