How loving are ducks???

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    Nov 4, 2012
    Hi, everyone! We're the proud parents of one duck and one drake. They are a sort of Indian Runner mix, and when babies, would follow us around and actually let us touch them. Now that they are adults, they still get excited when we approach their enclosure, but will not come near us- not even close- if we let them out.
    Do you find the same happen to your ducks??
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    Dec 22, 2009
    That's exactly how my ducks behave as well
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    Jul 3, 2012
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    Ditto. Mine will get reasonably close when being feed their daily treat of lettuce but not close enough to touch them. Outstretched arms are taboo.
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    Your ducks sound normal, they really aren't loving at all. They'll cuddle with you as babies, before they know what it is to be a duck. If you spend enough time with them, giving treats and just hanging out, they'll be companionable.

    You'd get more love from a juvenile tom turkey. He at least will follow you around just for curiosity, no food needed. When he gives the one eyed look at you, it isn't with suspicion like it is from a duck. LOL
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    Short response: depends on the duck.

    Of our nine runners, who were raised by yours truly since they were a day old, most like to stay within ten feet of me when I am with them outside. Sieben has always been her own duck, so she'll wander a bit, but then come back around to look deeply into my eyes. Achtie, Zehn, the same. But seven of the nine will skitter away from me when I pet them. Especially Sechs and Fünf. Fünf is just shy, but Sechs is a tease. She will trot up to me (she trots like a pony prancing), and stare at me. When I reach to pet her, she scoots away sideways, then trots back closer to me.

    Elf and Zwei come up to me for hugs about half the time. But they have to be in the mood. No one runs away from me fast enough not to get caught.

    Among the buffs, Romy has been here longest, and since I need to give her Neocalglucon for calcium supplementation, I give her a special little bowl of peas (best way I know to give liquid medicine). When I approach the pen, she locks her gaze upon me. By the time I get to the sliding door, she is there, waiting. I slide the door, she steps nonchalantly through it. I close the slider and she eats her little bowl of peas. Then we share some peas with the rest of the flock. She gets closer to me now than she ever did before. But still skitters away if I reach to pet her.

    Did I mention I love these creatures?[​IMG]
  6. I had a solo drake from very small. He would go to sleep on my lap and put his head in my sleeve. I was always able to pick him up or stroke him with ease. He would help me with the weeding etc. When he died, my son got me a pair of drake ducklings. (Bubble and Squeak). Squeak was taken by a fox for his dinner which left Bubble in a deep depression. Neither of these like to be picked up and don't like to be touched. I think if they are on their own a close bond can be formed but if they have a duck friend, they don't need you [​IMG]
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    Did you get Bubble a friend?
    and [​IMG]
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    Jan 6, 2012
    I have 3 Pekins. 1 drake and 2 females. The drake I found this summer at the lake across the street. Came right up to me when I had bread. Took him home then got the 2 females for him. If they see me they run up to the fence and make a lot of noise. But if you put your hand toward them they run. Or walk in to get the egg or feed them they run. lol. I have gotten 1 female to eat the roman lettuce hearts out of my fingers. The other 2 forget. Even though that stuff is like crack to them. Doesn't bother me though. As long as the 2 r laying eggs that's fine with me.[​IMG]

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    Mar 28, 2012
    My duck is very loving! She' s cuddly, kissy, and sweet! She is imprinted which makes a lot of difference when it comes to duck behavior. I don't work so my time with her is constant. She goes almost everywhere with me and when I do leave have to leave her it's only for short times to grab groceries and such. Otherwise I have a carseat and stroller for her so she can easily go places with me including family vacations! She makes family trips exciting and very memorable for us and for the people who get the chance to pet a very nice duck :)


    P.S. I don't recommend imprinting any duck/ducks unless you have the time to spend like I do!
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    Jan 6, 2012
    I think you have a very special one!! [​IMG]

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