How many bags of wood pellets?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by gale65, May 20, 2011.

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    I have to drive far to buy the wood pellets for bedding. We do actually have them locally but the store has big bins of open peanuts and my dd, who is allergic, will get hives from going in the store or even being around anything that came out of the store sometimes. So I'm going to another town today so I'm going to stop at tractor supply, which thankfully doesn't have bins of peanuts, to get bedding. Since it's so far I'd like to get enough to last a while. How fast do you go through a bag? We are getting 12 babies and the brooder area (partitioned off coop) will be about 4' x 1.5' or so to start with.
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    I use mine in plastic totes but a bag will last about a month unless I have several waterfowl in brooders. Normally I have 3-5 totes with pellets in them.
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    thanks. It sounds like 2 bags might last me until they're big enough to be in the whole coop (at which time we'll probably use straw or wood shavings since they are both found close to home-in the case of the straw they're right in our barn).

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