How many birds to a cage?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by TedJan92_in_Idaho, Oct 12, 2011.

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    May 27, 2011
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    How many coturnix can I put in a 3'x 8' cage. I have a 100' roll of 1/2 x1 x 3' floor wire and 3 100' rolls of 1x2 for sides and top so I can make them about any size a want. Is it better to breed them as large groups or should I treat them like bob's?

    I have my bob cages finished. I have 15 pairs of butlers and then I have 30 eggs from JJ. Will have to wait to see how many hatch.

    I was going to go ahead and buy coturnix eggs but if they grow as fast as I'm told I figure I would just get everything ready before I do buy. Then While they are growing I won't be rushed to build cages for future use.

    All of my cages will be in the end of my shop. That section has a dirt floor 36x 24' and has a open front. I will probably cover the front with a heavy tarp during the winter.

    I need to come up with some kind of poop tray so I can stack the cages. I can find material for small ones but it gets hard when you try for large size say 3x8 and up. Any ideas on that?
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    Rule of thumb is 1 square foot per bird.

    Klubertanz has some nice plastic trays. I have cages that are 2x3 and they have one plastic tray the covers the whole bottom. You could incorporate those into your cage. You would need 4 to go across, but it would work.

    My cages have "urine guards" on them because the birds like to back up and poop against the walls. So far it's worked really well and most of the poop stays in the pans.
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    I use 24X36 in DRIP Pan about 1 in deep.They work well for me side by side either direction. There BLITZ brand ,I get them at Auto Zone and or O'Riley auto parts .There $9.99 around here ...cva34
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    Using the 1 sq. ft. per bird rule you can put 24 in the pen. However, the 'limit' also depends on the size of the pen. My pen is about the same size and I've had up to 40 birds in it. The bigger the pen, the more you can put in there because there is just more space all together. You wouldn't want to put more than 5 in a 2x2 because they'd be running over each other, but 40 in a 3x8 still have plenty of room.

    Mine also have a gallon waterer, a slide-top chick feeder, and 2 dusting pans taking up floor space. They still had plenty of room.
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    Quote:This rule is true, somewhat. I don't have Cots, but worse yet, Bobs. I'm running anywhere from .8 to .6 sq. ft. / bird with 2/3 - 3/4 mature GG's in some fair size pens, and all is well as of now. Assuming the sesonal breeder, come spring, (the initial breeding kick-in) that tolerance amongst each other will change, however 80% of these will not experience that, as they will be processed soon. High protein feed is key with any pen population, especially a "beyond the rule" crowded situation. Roost poles, mini brush piles, hiding boxes, etc...anything to divert boredom is an asset, and a place for a random victim of pecking, when a bully decides he wants to do so, to take cover. Is this a "across the board" rule for everyone to get excited about? No. May work for you....may not. Again, don't have Cots, but from what I've experienced with Bobwhites, the Devils Of All Quail, the "proportional" rule can be skewed with larger bird/pen ratios.
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