How many chicks did you get today?

Well... yesterday (I hope yesterday instead of today is ok) I got 5 RIR and 5 RSL and 3 white leghorns... and on February 25th I got 11 Black stars and 16 production reds... I'm loaded with chicks! Its the best way to be! Here's one of my black stars they are so cute!
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I couldn't help myself today. I have 60+ chicks coming from Welp's in April...but that is sooo long to wait. TSC has their chicks in, and I came home with 8.
I know for sure I have two little black bantam with feathered legs, one little brown striped bantam, and what I believe will be 3 Barred Rocks, and a White pullet of some sort.
Here's the three I got yesterday. I wanted more, but these were the only chicks left at our store! These are my first chicks too!

I drove an hour today to get 2 black copper marans. know 2 is not enough so my daughter and I stopped by TSC on the way home and got 2 BO's, 2 BS's, and 2 ameraucanas. No pics yet.
I actually GAVE 3 chicks away today (well, I charged a buck apiece for 'em). The fun part is that it was to a feed store employee; the feed store doesn't carry Cochins. I hatched some "silver laced Cochins" and she only has black Cochins, so she wanted some of the silvers I had told her I was hatching.

Kind of a nifty turn-around, huh?!?!
Got 7 was allowed 4 SHHHHHH don't tell her lol. Anyways got 2 Turkens, 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Plymouths, 1 Rhode Island Red..... which brings my flock to 11 and growing.....oops don't tell her I said that......
out of my homemade incubator yesterday i got 3 game chicks an early i got 2 chicks that were supposed to hatch pics but i have a link to watch the first one hatch of of my homemade incubator.

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