How many eggs before she sets or is she broody now?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by kagedgoddess, Apr 11, 2011.

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    May 11, 2009
    Hi this is my first laying turkey. She free ranges and put her nest in the woods. Everyday id collect the eggs and store them, i was going to sell them untill my bator was empty then put some in there and Then id let her do her thing. Well. I changed my mind. She laid an egg everyday last week so i took them all yesterday morning and put them back in the nest and removed the chicken egg i had in there. She went down yesterday around 1 saw all the eggs and set all day. When it started to get dark i figured she was going to set so i asked dh to put up a pen around her to protect her from the fox around here. Well i go out this morning and you wouldnt believe what i had to go thru to get her out of this "pen" ! He took green plastic fence and put it over her, tented like, then put logs around it to hold it down , Then put brush on top of that. Like a cave of green fence. Well she got off the nest and has been off for about 2 hrs now. Shes very tame, she was raised in the house. She usually roosts on the porch as close to the door as possible, lets us hold her and everything.
    So did she get up cuz 8 eggs isnt enough or did dh upset her by rigging up his crazy thing. Wish i could show a pic of this.
    I am not angry at dh tho. He was just trying to protect her. And i d rather loose a clutch than the hen!

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    If you can pen her in something like a 10X10 pen with a dog house or something like that, she will set in there when she is ready. Be sure to put hay in the house.

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