How many eggs can you fit under a Silkie?

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    I'm looking to hatch out a relatively small number of eggs (less than 70) next spring and summer. I don't want to invest in a good brooder for such a small number of eggs and I learned my lesson this year about the cheaper brooders. Against my better judgement I tried one out, but stopped the "hatch" at day 14 when it was clear that no matter what I did, the humidity level was just barely adequate for even that early stage (who reviews those things anyway??). I had a nice Cochin gal raising a clutch at the same time, she rather outperformed the brooder, to say the least.
    I am looking to get some hens that will make nice mommas for me. I live in Central Kentucky and the summers can get quite hot. My heavy breed layers struggle some, for the Cochin it's really a challenge. I would prefer to use bantams, it's easier to keep them protected from the weather in the winter than help the heavy girls out in the summer.
    The question many standard-size eggs can you fit under a Silkie? I'm not trying to hatch out monster eggs, but they will be medium to large eggs.
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    How big are your silkies? My guess would be 6-8 eggs, less if she's smaller.

    Old English hens are also very good broodies, but they are so small, 4-5 regular eggs would be about their limit, but might be another consideration for you?
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