How many Eggs Does It Take For a Male to Sit on the Nest?


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Oct 6, 2011
Los Angeles Area
I had 9 eggs in the nest and today one of them got SMASHED

My male does not sit on the nest during the day, I see him there at night only.

I guess he keeps them warm due to the temperatures outside,so the question is-when does your emu starts sitting on the nest to hatch the chicks?

I am thinking about taking some of the eggs and incubating them myself. It would have been so interesting to let him do his fatherly job and see him raise the chicks, but now I am questioning the possibility of that.

If I take some of the eggs, female should continue laying eggs to get to certain number before the male gets broody, but what is that number?

Would the older eggs still remain fertile if they sit in the nest so long?

Any help would be appreciated!
Merlin started sitting when he had 5 eggs in the nest. He only got up once he started sitting, if another emu came within range to chase it off. If he is new and only sitting at night, I may take all the eggs but the oldest and put in the bator. I have limited knowledge as this is Merlins 1st time sitting, but I just got Baby #4 today. Wait till Fowlman chimes in, as his sat longer and were more experienced birds.
yep, foulman is "da man", but no need to wait for a reply, Chickenzoo is awesome and has helped TONS of emu newbies on here, and is successfully hatching and raising Emu's now too, so she is super knowledgable as well.

I am hoping to be like her soon...but have about a year yet before my first emu will bear any eggs.

Thank you

What is interesting:
I took 2 eggs last night and one this morning so the nest has 6 eggs now. All of a sudden one of my males decided to sit on them, he has not got up to feed today, so we approached him and offered some apple, he ate it.
The interesting thing is - the male that's sits on the nest " Don King" is not the father
,other male " Harley" is the one that biuld the nest and breed the female that layed the eggs
Hmmm go figure??

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