how many Eggs you get today

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Oct 12, 2019
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Zero. Spring is coming though. Prior two days got 2 a day after 5 weeks of 0-1 a day (3-5 a week) from 16 chickens. Pretty sure one RIR my superstar. Next winter I’m lighting the coop at least part of the winter
Mine have a little light added because I have Bobwhites penned inside the henhouse. A couple extra hours of light a day. I got 23 eggs today.


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It's one of my white rocks laying.
Yep, that matches the color and shininess of my WRs' eggs :D

I’m not sure. They are just molting now... so perhaps light a little right as days getting shorter? I’m not sure. Long dark time this far north
How old are they? Odd time of year in your area for them to moult. Mine have always had their first adult moult in the fall except for Echo. For some reason she waited until the end of January 2014 (June 2012 chick). I've always gotten chicks either late April or Early June. 2 for 2 batches, the late April girls started in the fall then shut down. The 3 batches of June girls have all laid through their first winter.

8 today, 2 from the 2015 girls, 6 from the 2019s.
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