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Feb 12, 2013
Eastern WA
Most of mine are on the cusp of laying eggs. (I have a handful of adult hens that are molting as well so I am not too expectant of them.) I have 5/6 that have started laying, I have one that should be laying but is not yet from that same group, I have a BLRW one year old in Oct. who went broody last summer and has not decided to lay since. I have 4 more that are cusping, and 6 that just turned five months old, so I mean a bunch soon to lay.

I have put all fresh straw in boxes, With dummy eggs, no roosters, I had a small light, switched to a larger light, (not for heat just for laying.) I let them out at the crack of dawn. They access to the nest boxes fresh food and water, I come out to give snacks prolly more than I should.
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Nov 3, 2020
Atlanta GA
My barred rock just likes to stay out late so she wasn’t back by the time I went to close up last night, but tonight the one that was missing I think got lost.
I had to stop counting my chickens because it just drove me crazy. I never would have guessed how hard it is to find a chicken in a tree. And they sleep in the same couple trees but not the same spots. And when I first started letting the newbies out, most of them came back to the coop but every night it was one fewer as they learned that trees are cool. 😂

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