How many eggs?


8 Years
Aug 19, 2011
If I kept 5 Japanese quail hens, how many eggs, roughly, could I expect per day from them? I'm not after eggs specifically, more the novelty of keeping quail, but I was curious about how many eggs I would get from them
5 hens = 5 eggs per day, that is 1 egg per day per hen.

There are caveats: Hens take 26 hours to lay one egg. So, you eventually will get a day skipped.

There has to be enough light per day (about 16 hours). They have to be healthy.

Depending on the hen or the environment, if they get upset, like you change their cage, they might skip a day or two or a week...

My hens did go through "menopause" when they turned 2 1/2 years. They had artificial light, so they laid from 6 weeks on everyday for 2 1/2 years. I was happy with what they gave.
Thanks for the info. And wow, I didn't realise quail could still lay when they are over 2 years of age
That's good to know. I recently found a cage that was labelled as a 'brooder' cage, but it's basically an all wire cage, 100cm x 52cm x 34cm (66cm with legs) and has a metal drop tray beneath it, so I thought this was perfect for them. Should be able to fit about 5 birds in there okay. It will be outside, though, so not sure about if I will be able to provide additional light in winter. And will have to make sure it's well covered as well (rains most of the year here)

I guess the amount of protein and calcium in the diet affects their laying as well?
The Oldest Coturnix I Have Ever Had Was Pushin 9.. She Laid Til And Including The Day She Passed. Albeit At A Lower Rate.. In The End It Was 2-3 Eggs A Week
9 years? WOW! Everything I've read about Japanese quail (apart from on this forum) says that their life expectancy is around 2 and a half years. I guess that must be wrong if there are so many people with quail that are a lot older than that
And by feed them right, I assume you mean with the correct levels of protein and calcium in their diet?
Yes, especially the protein. The first summer I had them I started out feeding them 20% flock raiser and was getting maybe 5 eggs week/hen. I switched to GBS and some of the girls jumped to 20 eggs in 21 days, almost never skipping.
What sort of things would you recommend feeding them to increase the protein? I only have access to chicken layers pellets which don't have enough protein. Everyone seems to have differing opinions on what should and shouldn't be fed to supplement protein in the diet. I figured the easiest way for adult birds is to give them mealworms and boiled egg. I have been told soybean meal, but I can't find anywhere that sells this. I have found soy protein chunks, though, but was recommended to mix it with other incomplete proteins...

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