How Many Hens Per Speckled Sussex Roo and EE Bantam Roo?

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  1. Peep-Chicken

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    Jun 10, 2013
    I have gotten 3 bantams and 2 standards. It seems I have a standard Roo and a EE Roo. Would they go well with just 3 hens? If not, how many more hens would I need?
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    The general rule of thumb I have read on BYC is one rooster to 8-10 hens for most breeds.

    With silkies I have heard one cock to 5 hens is OK.

    Some breeders do have breeding trios, with one cock to two hens.

    If the cock starts overbreeding the hens they will lose lots of feathers on their backs, and you will know it.

    So you can wait and see, or you can buy more hens.

    Or you can separate the two cocks and keep them in a bachelor pad until you need them for breeding.
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    You need to either get rid of a rooster, or get more hens. I don't go less than 5 hens for every rooster, as they get over mated. Over mated hens can get stressed and quit laying as well.
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