How many males and females hatched this season?


Aug 18, 2019
I'm curious but how many female and male chicks did you hatched this spring and summer?I'm considering myself unlucky,I let 2 hens go broody in spring with 19 eggs,3 were not fertilized,lost 2 chicks to snakes and 1 was hatched sick,died a couple of hours later,1 somehow suffocated under the hen,another 1 died from unknown reasons,I was left with 11 chicks,surprisingly enough 9 were Male and 2 were female,I gave 1 female and 1 male to the guy that gave me his rooster in return for 2 females,at the moment I did not know what one was and it turned out it was a male,I gave a really close friend of mine,a male since he did not have one,3 males became dinner,I let another hen go broody in the summer with 10 eggs,3 unfertilized,7 hatched,I sold off 3,kept 4,one was killed by my chickens when he went loose in the coop,I have 3 and they are all Male again,even the 3 I sold off were all male too since I know the person that I sold them too,now I'm stuck with 4 cockerels at the moment,and a pullet which I'll be keeping,and the 3 younger ones,so I was curious how many you got that turned out to be hens.I was thinking of keeping 3 of the most good looking cockerels and sell off the other ones since they look pretty good too since I can't keep them all or wont kill them because they are old now and also look amazing.I would be making 3 smaller coops and buying 2 hens for each cockerel and rotating the cockerels every few months between each coop to see what breeds of chickens genetics make or either keeping the cockerels in cages and rotating the cockerels every few months in the main coop to stop inbreeding a lot,by keeping the cockerels I save the time and stress of looking for a rooster every few months.good or bad idea?.sorry for the long text but thanks and hope you have good day.

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Mar 18, 2018
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Oh goodness me too. I filled my incu in the spring. I got around 32 i think that hatched. Lost 1 under a week the kids had broken the brooder door and while we were away a bunch got out. One made it to the basement and got too cold. I lost 3 to a racoon different days the first was at night and the ither 2 were during the day. From that group i have 3. 3 girls. I kept 2 bantam boys and i have 3 LF boys. I'd like to keep 2 of the LF boys but i really need more girls if that's happening.

I bought some "girls" 4 birds 3 of which are boys.

I bought some more and those 6 are girls.

I over filled my incu. Turning the extras by hand. (The extras were only maybe fertile and none actually did anything) lost a dozen at lockdown because the humidity had been too high earlier.

Had 24 hatch. 1 failed to thrive. Lost 2 to rats which i had assumed was actually cats so i didnt catch on until i had others 3 injured. Heard one screeching in the coopb i left them locked in to keep them safe.

Lost one last week to a coon again.

I have in this new group of hatched chicks maybe 4 girls. Out of 20. :he

So i have 4 boys i want to keep. And 13 girls. I do have 3 different pens, but 2 of them are significantly smaller, all free range together.

I was thinking that i could accept my boy to girl ratio for hatching because it should mean that domeone else got more or all girls. Not so sure that's the case though.


Mar 15, 2019
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I didn't keep track other than the ones I kept. I kept 3 from one hatch and all three where cockerel. And I kept 4 from another hatch, well 3 of them were cockerel also. Grrr I am so bad at picking the ones to keep. The cute ones are cockerels it seems. lol I have a broody who hatched one (took 6 others from TS in) and another with three which hatched this weekend. Wondering how many more cockerels I have.


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Wow, what luck! So far I'm running a 50/50 split. I hatched 13 eggs, one was an early cull and I ended up with 7 pullets and 5 cockerels.

I then hatched 3 more, 1 is for sure a cockerel, one is possible and I'm pretty sure the third is a pullet. I hatched 2 more a week later and it appears to be one of each.

Even the two chicks I got ended up one of each.

I have 25 more eggs coming so we'll see.

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