How many people have DTV?

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  1. I still have my old converter boxes for DTV but my antanna was found to be broken...oh well.
    Yesterday as soon as the lights were back on I called Dish Network and ordered my cable to be cut off. They said they will have it cut off completely this week and the only thing I owe them is $30 ($20 for service and $10 for HBO/CineMax that Hubby ordered AGES ago!) so when Im good and ready, I just have to call them up, pay the $30 and it comes right back on. Not a problem!

    Well, Im pulling out my old converter box and hooking everything up (trying to fix the broken rabbit ear with Alumium foil) and was wondering how many people actually ahve the box and use it? How many channels do you get? last time I used the box, I only got 8 channels, some work REALLY good while others were kinda sloppy.
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    sorry, we have dish, we do have an HD antenna that picks up 4 channels.
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    Get it going, wouldn't want to miss your soaps, would ya? [​IMG]
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    I'm using a converter box. It's OK I get about 35 channels, but at least half are useless as far as I am concerned. I also get lousy reception on windy days. I also cannot usually get the TV in the kitchen and living room at the same time, and it will deprogram channels occasionally. The DTV picture is better, but I liked the stability of the old analog signal better. I imagine I'll be forced to get cable soon.

  5. Quote:Still have my soaps with the DTV! YAY! I love the Craft channel on 4.2, I think it is. I still have the cable on but they said that if it is not off by thursday, to call them up again. Poor hubby is going to miss his gator games on Saturday though and Monday Night Raw but oh well, he'll live!

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