How many roosters per hens?


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Jul 20, 2010
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I did have 3 roosters with my 30 hens-which everybody said that was too many but hadn't had many problems until today...and now I have 2 roosters b/c 1 rooster met a steel fence post. I had 2 beauftiful barred rocks and 1 dominique rooster. The dominque is a young rooster only about 6 months old or so. They had been squabbling this morning and the kids and I were our doing chores. My daughter (who will be 2 in May) was bent over petting a kitten and one of my BRs flogged her, pushed her over and attemtped to peck her head---my foot came in contact before he made contact. A few minutes later my son (who is 3 1/2) was over by the rabbit hutch and the same BR came up to him and was flogging him. Momma was beyond mad I must say, and acted out of anger. I picked up a steel post that was leaned up against the fence and swung it at his head. The rooster rolled about 10 times and kicked twice and that was it. I was kinda sad, but I won't stand for a flogging rooster. I would be eating him but he was over a year old, and I don't think we could chew him lol!

So back to my question-- How many roosters per hens? I need to have at least one because I do on occasion get buyers for hatching eggs. I am getting 25 pullets to keep soon, and so we will soon have around 60 layers. I am thinking about giving my other BR to my neighbor because her rooster is too agressive with her hens. Is 1 rooster enough for 60 hens?

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you can eat him, over a year just means a slow long roast or soup, I do a max, of 1 roo to 10, next time for a naughty roo a dunk in cold water works better, now you might have a problem intergrating a different roo into you flock, alot of fighting and maybe more flogging of everyone
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Oct 19, 2010
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I have read here that 1 rooster per 10 hens is about right. For breeding, you will want fewer hens. As I recently discovered, there is a reason breeders keep two hens per rooster when trying to produce fertile eggs.

Also, you might consider daily rooster management. If your children can practice this too, I think it would be effective.

Good shot with the pole. I have zero tolerance for attacks on children.


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Oct 7, 2010
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1 per 10 to 12 hens.
Anymore hens then that and your rooster will get plumb wore out. Or he will pick out his favorites and only romance them leaving you with some wall flower hens.


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Nov 15, 2008
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I've always heard 1 rooster to 10 hens was a good ratio, but I have 1 rooster to 14 hens in one of my coops.

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