How much are horses worth in this economy?


10 Years
Mar 8, 2009
Southern Illinois
I have a mare I need to sell.

I just had heart surgery, and the doctor doesn't want me to ride really anymore. I still plan on riding. But my younger more dangerous horse needs to go for my safety.

I bought her at age 4 for $1,000. Yes I know a lot. She was a rescue, and it was either me buy her or she got turned into dog food. So being the softie that I am, I bought her.

She has filled out, and is now beautiful! I trained her last year. Took her on trail rides. She is a Registered Quarter Horse with good bloodlines.

She is really sweet. But she gets moody if you be agressive. If you smack her or pull on the reins when she wants to run she bucks. A lot.

She just started this in the spring. And it makes me sad. She is actually a very good horse and very smart. But I can't risk training her anymore, because I could get some serious damage getting bucked off. She is Parreli trained complete level one.

She had a lot of riding on her. Never had a problem until this spring. I think she has the ability to excell in something like cutting or dressage. I just can't do it.

She craves attention. If she had a good home to ride her more often she is a great horse.

My question is. Would I be able to sell her for $1,000. I think I should get more for her. Since she is trained now. But I doubt that I will be able to make my money back.
Folks seem to be giving horses away because they can't feed them.

4 were "dumped" in our forest a few weeks ago.
I know thats the problem. I'm worried about being able to find her a home. But I feel bad her just wasting and getting older. Not to mention the fact she escapes every fence except my goat pasture. So she ate up all their grass. And she costs me nearly $100 a month to feed and shoe.

Gah. Things don't look good.
Same around here!! We were just given a registered Arabian because the guy couldn't afford to pay to stable him any more!!

We're just waiting to get a couple more like that!!

if shes bucking around here u might get $200 for her. I have a fullblooded arab that is rideable, never bucked, that i cant sell for $800.
Advertise her for what you think you should get and then go from there. Gradually reduce the price until someone bites and takes her.

Sadly, in my opinion, you'll be lucky to get $1000 out of her. Sorry.
Yeah. I'm fearing that I won't get back half of what I paid for her.

Which is a shame. I will either hang onto her. Or see what I can get out of her.

The horses prices are so crazy. A few years back it cost several thousand for a well trained horse.
Because there was a set bottom dollar for the cull horses. A few years ago, you used to be able to haul cull horses to the auction and even the completely disabled, broken down ol' nags would sell for a few hundred, paid for by the pound.

Now withouth the meat buyers, there isn't a bottom dollar price and people can't even give their horses away.
I too received two registered Arabians from two separate owners who could not afford to feed and board them. Both of these horses are fully trained. People around here aren't getting very much for their horses either registered or not. The economy is hitting people hard.

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