how much calciun does hens need to lay egg

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    May 25, 2010
    I am about to buy some hens EE that are 4-5 months old. How much calcium would they need to lay eggs. I am thinking about buying layer pellets. how much should i feed them layer pellets do they need to consume per day? Also if i leave the Pellets all side will other animals eat it (bird or anything the is in the city)
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    Layer feed should have enough calcium for them. Most people recommend to have layer food available freely and have some crushed oyster shell available at all times in a separate bowl so the chickens can 'supplement' as they need. I have layer food in the coop, the girls run loose in the yard during the day (as long as we don't have snow....) for 8-9 hrs and eat bugs and weeds but also eat their layer feed. I also keep a small bowl of grit available.
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    My birds produce nice thick shells with just layer feed. I do supplement oyster shell in the fall and winter when they have been laying a while. I read that they will lose bone calcium during the laying season and replenish it during the winter break. I want to ensure plenty is available.

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