How much can Madarin be tamed?


10 Years
Nov 13, 2009
Boonsboro MD
I have two 2 1/2 week old Mandarins from someone who kept them in his beautiful suburban yard with the most magnificent ponds. The parents had clipped wings. These little babies are such spazzes, I feel bad. I tried to put them in the bathtub, which of course thrilled my baby Pekins and Runners, but the mandies either freaked out or stayed in a corner, barely paddling. They fun around trying to get away when I bring them food. What treats do they like anyway?

I tried putting them in the small "nursery" pen with my other four week old Pekins/Runners and that lasted about 5 minutes-the bigger duckies were mostly afraid of the strange giant "bugs" but would step on them trying to run to the corners. The mandies just wanted out.

Is it possible to ever tame the mandies or is it too late for these two? Anything I can do to make them less terrified? My Pekins/Runners always act like I'm the hand of death when they first see me, then realize I'm the hand that feeds them and they come to me.
They do need to get used to their new surroundings and new companions, which they will do. They won't tame down at all though... They are wild ducks and will stay as such. I've never heard of anyone having them eat out of their hand, but it may have happened sometime... Mine still watch me when I'm in or close to their pen. They do settle down and relax when I'm around, but they still go the other way when I get close... Thats just how they are!
yep. In most cases, they will get use to you, but very few ever make pets, they arent domestic fowl. If you have them in a large enough pen 10x10 minimum for a pair, they will calm down and just kind of move out of your way when you come in. The only wild species I ever had that would eat ouit of my hand (and I've had 1000's) was a smew drake, and he was hand rasied his hole life. Wood ducks and mandarins always tended to be the most flightly of all of them. Also it is best not to pen them with any type of domestics, they will get bullied by them or worse killed as domestics are much more aggresive that these little guys.. Just some thoughts to bare in mind there

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