How much did your coop cost? / cheap coop contest! (W-pics)

Mrs. Green Thumbs

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Apr 2, 2010
Santa Maria, California
So we JUST finished our cheap coop yesterday and I was curious, how much did every one pay for their coop?





Our coop is a rebuild of upcycled materials that we acquired through CL donations.

Coop cost - 47 dollars

materials cost so far - 3 bucks (just bought screws)

total cost so far - 50 bucks

Expected cost total after a few more tweaks - 100 bucks

So how much did/will your coop cost and how did you keep cost's down?


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Sep 29, 2009
South Africa
I'm not finished with my coop area.
My coop cost R0.00
12m long pipes, R150.00 each (bought 2) which would equal R300.00
Pipe connector, R15.00
Silicon, R25.42
= R 366.04
Rounded off in USD, $36-I think
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May 20, 2010
San Diego
Wow! I am so impressed by how little you have built your coops for! Great job! I tried to find free lumber and supplies but was unsuccessful and ended up buying most of my supplies new, except for my windows, one of which is double paned glass that I got at a used construction supply yard for $10, the others are plexiglass which I already had- so free, yay! But the lumber, screws, Suntuf roofing, welded wire, hardware cloth, water proofing wood stain, and paint have run me $300.00 so far! As long as my girls are happy I'm happy
No pics yet, but its almost done- its a playhouse style coop.


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Apr 22, 2010
its not premanant and not the greatest, but its bigger, and its better then what the guy who lived here before us had them in, we got real lucky and found a 28'x59' tarp on sale for 26 bucks, went into the woods out back and cut down a few trees to use as posts, and recycled all the wire from the old chicken coop, and aquired some from my neighbor and brother and law, so technically our "coop" portion is basically a big circus tent with a plywood backing, and 4 ft wire all around the run area (we are starting to let them free range so really dont mind if they jump over and out. so were pushing a total of about 650 sq feet, total for coop and run, and i still have over half the tarp left to put up for the little ones in a side pen. and my total costs are looking to be 26 bucks.


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May 30, 2008
Washington State
My coops only cost me my time and my labor. I have built everyone one of them from recycled materials that we have collected over time...oh and one of them my husband had originally constructed to be used for our 2 dogs...but the dogs didn't use it...sooo, the only logical thing to do... I divided it and made it into 2 chickens coops, it was too big for the 2 dogs anyway.
We are in construction and remodeling so we re-use much good stuff goes to the landfill from remodeling and construction that is still very viable building materials and if the homeowners do not want it, we bring it home. DH knows I can find a use for it. All of the fencing that I use for my coop runs was also free. My brooder/grow out coop is an older travel trailer that was free that my DH had found on had already been gutted because someone was going to make a coffee shop thing out of it. Well after it sat here for 6 months and my husband hadn't started what he had wanted to do with it....I made an executive decision and turned it into a chicken trailer. It has 2 huge brooders, storage for all of my feed, medical supplies and various other chicken related sundries, the front half is a coop with an outdoor run where the babies can move to from the brooders. It works great!
Your coop looks great! Enjoy! Soon you will be adding a coop addition!

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