how much do you charge for baby chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mustangsaguaro, Feb 14, 2013.

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    I am a breeder and have a list of people that are interested in purchasing chicks from me locally. I am torn on what to charge. I feel that I can/should charge more than a hatchery does since none of my birds are hatchery birds and thus a much better quality bird. For those of you that are breeders and sell day old/week old chicks how do you determine your pricing?

    I sell all my chicks as straightruns. However this year I am offering dna feather sexed chicks for those wanting guaranteed females. Those people wanting the dna feather sexed birds are having to pay a higher price as I need to offset the cost of the lab for doing this.

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    I am selling birds from hatchery stock and from the hatchery. The usual price around here for sexed females (hatchery shipped) is usually $6 per chick. I listed at $5 as I caught the little fuzzies on sale. S/R chicks, hatched from hatchery stock, go for $4 per chick.

    For your birds I would recommend checking out what the low quality birds are going for and adjust up by no more than half the price of the low quality chicks. So if the low quality in your area are going for $6, I would list around $9 to start, then adjust based on how well sales go. Then post as many pictures as you can and elaborate on why your birds are worth more. I swear, most chick ads out here read along the lines of 'I have chicks. They are black. $4' A little effort can make a big difference.
  3. It depends on the breed of bird. more common birds such as RIR, barred rocks, and EE I would charge around $4-$5 dollars. If they are rare breeds such as BCM, or ameraucanas, I would sell from $9-$15. Hope this helps!
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    I'm not a breeder but I can tell you from shopping for chicks that it varies dramatically by region and breed. A better place to ask might be your local board (Where am I/Where are you) or breeder's club.

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