How much do you feed your ducks? (pictures)

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by fogbubble, Jan 27, 2010.

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    I've seen feed recommendations by weight, but I don't have a postal scale, so I'm wondering what people feed by volume per duck (cup, quart, etc). My ducks (Harlequins, Cayugas, and mallards) free-range during the day along our mountain creek and also make foraging trips into the woods and grassy areas of our fenced yard. At night I fill up their big dog-food bowl with Layena and sometimes there's still a few pellets left over in the morning. They don't have the big droopy breasts that I've seen on some people, I mean, ducks, but they're young. I can feel the ridge of the keel bone but not see it. The girls lay beautiful, hard-shelled eggs. Sometimes they devour their feed like mad and other times they just pick at it. I just don't know!
    Here's some pics:

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    Nice pics I just fill a feed scoop and put it in their metal feeder they usually eat it all and then run down to the creek. Do you have an golden drakes?
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    Whatever you feed the one in the last picture, I MUST KNOW!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] i love it. cute cute.... [​IMG]

    Sorry I cant be more help!!
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    If there's a bit of food left over in the morning, then you're fine [​IMG] I don't do it by weight either. I give them food in the morning after they range for a bit, then again about an hour or so before bed. If there's still food left over from the morning when I feed them in the evening, then I feed them less in the morning.
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    We put ours in the feed trough we got for them (made for goats). One scoop in the morning/night. They do fine [​IMG]
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    I feed mine (Cocoa and Ebony) one scoop (small coffee can) in the morning. They eat that much and then the chickens stick there neck threw the fence and peck at it. [​IMG] The chickens have there own food in there feeder in the run but I guess the food is always better on the other side of the fence. [​IMG] Then about 4 pm I put one more scoop in the dish if it is empty. They free range so they basicaly eat all day anyways. So they get 2 scoops a day and they eat most of it. We also give them pees or some kind of green everyday.
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